Never Alone

Day 7 It was August 1st. After raining all night, we got a break in the morning. I had decided that with the weather the way that it was that we needed to get to our pick up spot because then they would know where to find us. We all agreed it was a good... Continue Reading →


Inclement Weather

Day 5 The sun greeted us with a forceful handshake on the morning of the 5th day. We were all so happy to see it and knew we were getting a treat. We got on the river continuing to be cautious in the white water and sharp turns. We felt better about our packrafting skills... Continue Reading →

White Water

Day 4 In the morning we had a pancake disaster for breakfast. It was still delicious though. We felt full so we packed up our things and inflated our boats. We parted from the land and were swiftly carried downstream. For safety, we tried to stay close to one another, but not too close. As... Continue Reading →

Walking on

Day 2 We ate a nice hearty oatmeal breakfast made by me. It was a lot of oatmeal! My excuse was that I had never made it for 3 people and I would rather have too much than too little. As I forced down the last couple bites we watched the grizzly graze lower down... Continue Reading →

The Headwaters

Day 1 I didn’t have much time to think about anything when I awoke in the morning. I made sure my bag was packed and I brought it to the door. It was insanely heavy and I wondered what I could have possibly put in there. I was pretty sure it was only the essentials,... Continue Reading →

Kobuk Pictures

I was able to upload a few pictures from my Kobuk Trip. Alatna River posts are coming soon as well as (hopefully) more pictures from the Kobuk and Alatna! Thanks.  

Going Home

Sorry I am unable to add pictures. I will when I can! Day 4 We woke up to another damp morning. I got up and got ready to go. Another day of oatmeal! The sky was grey as we packed up our things, still wet from the past couple of nights. I told N that... Continue Reading →

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