Kobuk Pictures

I was able to upload a few pictures from my Kobuk Trip. Alatna River posts are coming soon as well as (hopefully) more pictures from the Kobuk and Alatna! Thanks.  

Going Home

Sorry I am unable to add pictures. I will when I can! Day 4 We woke up to another damp morning. I got up and got ready to go. Another day of oatmeal! The sky was grey as we packed up our things, still wet from the past couple of nights. I told N that... Continue Reading →

Finding the Kobuk

Sorry for the lack of pictures. Internet too slow... Day 2 I awoke in the sun. The heat waking me up. I got up and tried my luck at fishing near the outlet of the lake. I struggled to cast the line so I didn’t catch any fish. But it was nice to be up... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Gates of the Arctic

Day 1 I awoke to the first cloudy morning I had seen in Bettles in a while. It was sprinkling here and there as I got up excitedly. The trip my coworker and I had been planning for a month was hopefully coming to a realization today. I made sure all my things were packed... Continue Reading →

Back in Bettles

Hi everyone! I have just returned from my first trip out into the park. It was absolutely glorious and I had a great time. I am looking forward to sharing pictures and stories in the upcoming days. My adventure was in the south eastern part of the Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve... Continue Reading →

Old Bettles

I keep wondering when my luck will run out on this weather. The sun was shining and a light breeze kept the mosquitoes at bay as we got our things packed onto our rafts on the gravel bar by the Koyukuk River by Bettles. Soon after we were off, floating the relatively calm waters of... Continue Reading →


I just bought my tickets to come home in August for a few days for a friends wedding! I leave tomorrow for a short overnight trip to Old Bettles. Post and pictures to follow! Next week I finally get to go into the park! Can't wait. More details and posts to follow that as well!... Continue Reading →

Radio Silence

Written 6/15   I have never heard such a natural quiet. The wind speaks gentle, but firm enough to keep the bugs away. Small ripples form on the pond before me and softly lap on the hollow metal frame of a float plane. It's serene. I am alone besides the occasional bee coming to check... Continue Reading →

Middle Fork Koyukuk Part 2

Day 2 When I woke in the morning, the sun was beating down on the east side of the tent heating the insides. I was the first one up. I slipped into my clothes for the day and grabbed my food and went hunting for a good spot to go the bathroom on the island.... Continue Reading →

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