Middle Fork Koyukuk Part 1

Last weekend was our first trip out as training. There were eight of us in total. Four Bettles Interpretation/Backcountry Rangers, two Bettles maintenance staff, one dispatcher from Denali, and our teacher and leader an Interpretation/Backcountry Ranger from Anuktuvuk Pass (AKP). Our teacher is a very experienced Gates of the Arctic backcountry ranger. He has been... Continue Reading →

Life in Bettles

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live in a small village in Alaska? I did too. I have only been here for a little over a week but I have a few thoughts to share to help you get an idea. In a village as small as Bettles (about 15 people live here... Continue Reading →

Far Out

I have officially been in Bettles, AK for more than 24 hours. Yesterday we packed our things from the bunkhouse we were staying at in Fairbanks and headed to Wright's Air Service to catch our flight. I spent a decent amount of time re-situating my things to have the baggage I knew was going on... Continue Reading →


Thought I might write a quick post this morning about finally leaving for the small, remote Alaskan village of Bettles. Hopefully my posts won't get too spread out after this.  This morning at 10, I will be boarding a small aircraft that will fly my coworkers and I up to a bush village. I have... Continue Reading →

Never Stop Learning

The week goes on in Fairbanks. Orientation, paperwork, and preparation are the main aspects of the day. And now for the grand finale from my road trip... I woke up the next morning excited for another day of adventure in Big Bend. However summer was quickly moving into the desert and temperatures were supposed to... Continue Reading →

Chasing the Sun

I arrived in Fairbanks at 0030 last night. While the sun had already set it wasn't quite dark. The sky was an eerie grey. And low clouds blanketed the city as I road in the taxi in a dream-like state to the bunkhouse I would be staying in. Of course by the time I actually... Continue Reading →

Leaving on a Jetplane

Tonight I leave for Fairbanks. I can't believe the day is here. Time moves too quickly.. in the mean time I want to write a quick (except extremely wordy..) summary of my roadtrip from March! In January of this year I took a leap and signed up for another NOLS course. This time the course... Continue Reading →

A little backstory…

So lets not take it back too far... How about 3 years ago, how does that sound? Well three years ago I finished college at the University of Washington. I graduated with a bachelors degree in Earth and Space Sciences (ESS). This degree program helped me reconnect with my love of nature that had been... Continue Reading →

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